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3 questions with...CHRIS CAFFERY

3  questions with… CHRIS CAFFERY Savatage...Dr. Butcher...Trans-Siberian Orchestra...Solo artist...Chris Caffery has done it all. A core member of Savatage and guiding force in the evolution of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Chris has headlined arenas and stadiums all over the world.  He has also put out a series of solo records the keep him in touch with his metal side. I've had the pleasure of meeting Chris quite a few times after TSO shows and he always has a smile for every fan. Chris is the consummate showman and a class act. It is a true pleasure to present 3 questions with...Chris Caffery 1 - Who is your single biggest musical influence? CC- I think as the years go by I can say my biggest influences were a few.  I really love Freddie Mercury and Queen.  I was also influenced a lot by the people I work with. Al Pitrelli as a player and person. Paul as             a  person and a writer and Jon Oliva as a writer, singer, musician and big brother.

Vega - Only Human

9 out of 10 Before we start, if you've never listened to Vega you should make it a priority to do so. Vega is a UK band led by brothers James & Tom Martin and powerhouse vocalist Nick Workman.  They are part of the Frontiers record stable so you know you're in for slickly produced, high quality, modern melodic rock. Only Human is Vega's fifth release, following 2016's absolute masterpiece Who We Are .  Honestly it took a few listens of Only Human to truly appreciate it on its own.  Think of the first time you listened to Keep The Faith after New Jersey .  Your first thought is "this isn't New Jersey ", but after you listen to it as a stand alone record you appreciate how brilliant it is, same with Only Human .  The Bon Jovi analogy makes sense here as Vega are proudly influenced by Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and other 80's rock bands.  Think sing-a-long choruses, prominent keyboards and clean guitar tones. Much like their 80's influence

3 questions with...MICHAEL DES BARRES

3  questions with… MICHAEL DES BARRES There are a few names in entertainment that are just legendary, Michael Des Barres is one of them.  Whether it's the band Detective, who recorded for Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label, to Chequered Past, which featured members of Blondie, Sex Pistols and Todd Rundgren's band, to fronting Power Station at Live Aid or as a solo artisr, Michael  is a rock star. Never satisfied, Michael also has a successful film and television career with roles in Ghoulies, Pink Cadillac, Muholland Drive as well as the iconic role of Murdoc in MacGyver.  Additionally, you can  also hear Michael daily on Little Steven's Underground Garage, SiriusXM channel 21. I present 3 questions with...Michael Des Barres. 1 - Who is your single biggest musical influence? MDB - Otis Redding 2 - What is the most important (Not necessarily best or favorite) song that you've ever written/recorded and why? MDB - Obsession: It made me the most money a

Ryan Roxie - Imagine Your Reality

8.5 out of 10 What should a rock record sound like in 2018?  Simple, Ryan Roxie's Imagine Your Reality . Loud guitars, sing along choruses, rollicking keys, crystal clear production, and, did I mention loud guitars?  This record is a quick (under 40 minutes), sharp, hit of classic rock influences turned into a modern sound. It all kicks off with the 95 second Ramones-ish blast of "Big Rock Show" into the full boogie of "Over and Done".  The first of two covers kicks in next. A cover of Cheap Trick's cover of "California Man", originally done by The Move (did you follow all that?).  Ryan's killer guitar tone, guest vocals from Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) himself and the piano of Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis (ex-Guns N" Roses) make it impossible not to put this song on repeat. According to Roxie, the record's first single "To Live and Die In LA" was written back in the days when he was part of Slash's Snakepit

Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

6.5 out of 10 Let me say I am probably one of the few people that was really excited at the prospect of a new Lizzy Borden record.  Visual Lies & Master of Disguise are genre classics while 2000's Deal With the Devil and 2007's Appointment with Death were both strong outings. When I heard Lizzy was back after a 11 year absence with My Midnight Things I couldn't wait to listen. Much like his previous records, My Midnight Things is a conceptual record, this time each song is a tale about the sometimes dark side of love.  The record opens with the title track, a slice of classic Lizzy with his trademark layered vocals that haven't lost anything, a big, sing along chorus sets up high hopes for the record.  "Obsessed With You" again follows traditional Lizzy format with a more modern sound that leads into one of the album highlights "Long May They Haunt Us". This song is exactly what you want from Lizzy in 2018.  It evolves the theme of

3 questions with...RYAN ROXIE

3  questions with… RYAN ROXIE I first became aware of Ryan Roxie in 1990 when his band Electric Angels released their self-titled debut on Atlantic Records. Ryan's guitar stood out and propelled the record.  After the demise of Electric Angels Roxie spent time with both Guns N' Roses guitar players Gilby Clarke and Slash. In 1996 Ryan started a 10 year stint as the backbone of Alice Cooper's band, he returned in 2012 and has been a mainstay since.  On May 25 he released his latest solo record Imagine Your Reality  on Bellyache Records.   I am very proud to present the first ever 3 questions with...Ryan Roxie 1 - Who is your single biggest musical influence? RR - Brian May from Queen 2 - What is the most important (not necessarily best or favorite) song you have ever written/recorded? RR - Songs are like having kids...You love each of them in their own way...So I guess I over 100 kids these days 😂😂😂 3 - What are your thoughts on the Ro