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A Conversation with Rod Argent of The Zombies

Good things come to those who wait, and Rod Argent, legendary keyboardist and songwriter for the Zombies has waited quite a while to see his band inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  The Zombies were first eligible in 1990, 25 years after their classic 1965 debut record.  In the 28 years since they became eligible, the Zombies were nominated three other times with no success.  The fourth proved to be the charm as the Zombies became quite possibly the last of the British Invasion bands to be inducted into the Hall in Brooklyn on March 29, 2019. I had the privilege of speaking to Rod about 24 hours after he learned of the band's induction.  It is my pleasure to present the Misplaced Straws Conversation with Rod Argent, please listen below: On the feeling of being inducted: We've been honored enough to have been nominated for four out of the past five years, that in itself is extraordinary, but to finally past the winning post, that is a huge satisfacti

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2019

Earlier today the Rock& Roll Hall of Fame announced the members of the Class of 2019.  Here, we'll take a look at each of them and provide some insight and, of course, opinion.  First, the inductees...joining the Hall on March 29, 2019 will be: First impressions are that this is a strong class and a uniquely diverse class both musically and generationally.  It's a class that covers a wide swath of time, The Zombies first formed in 1961 while Radiohead released their debut single in 1992.   The Cure - First year of eligibility was back in 2004 as their debut record was released in 1979.  They were also nominated in 2012.  The Cure should have been in years ago as they were one of the bands that brought goth and alternative music to the masses.  Their look and music influenced so many bands that came after. They are still going strong, selling out concerts and making great music 40 years into their career.  For me, Disintegration is a "desert island&qu

Misplaced Straws Best of 2018

Any music site worth its space on the internet is required to have a list of the best records of the year.  So, I present the Misplaced Straws Best of 2018, with a few caveats...First, other than #1 these are in no particular order and Second, I try to stay away from live records, best of's and re-releases.  For the most part, if an artist puts out something like that then you know it's going to be great as everything is already familiar, that's why American Treasure from Tom Petty isn't on my list.  It's also why the incredible remaster box sets from Marillion (especially the stunning new remix of Brave ) and Yes aren't here.  As to that point however, Steven Wilson is definitely one of the unsung heroes of the year for his work with both of those projects! Best of 2018 - Willie Nile, Children of Paradise In my initial review of this record I pointed out all the reasons why, nearly 40 years into his career, this is possibly Willie Nile's definin

Foreigner - Double Vision: Then & Now Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT 12/1/18

Certain bands fall apart when a key member leaves.  Other bands are reduced to playing for 20 people on a Tuesday night when they are down to one original member.  Foreigner isn't any of these bands.  Over the course of the last 15 years Mick Jones has not only navigated his band through numerous personnel changes before settling down with this current lineup for over six years, but has led Foreigner to a huge following while sometimes performing shows with not a single member of the classic lineup, including himself!    On December 1 however, the full 41 years of Foreigner history was on display at Mohegan Sun Arena.  Billed as the Double Vision: Then & Now tour, the evening featured two versions of the band: first was the Kelly Hansen led version that does not feature any member of the classic lineup (we'll call them 2.0), second was the classic Head Games era lineup fronted by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones. The entire set list was song after song of the band'