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A Conversation with Drum Legend Hunt Sales

You may not be immediately familiar with the name Hunt Sales but you are well versed in his work.  From the iconic drum intro to Iggy Pop's classic Lust For Life to the smooth pocket of Todd Rundgren's We Gotta Get You A Woman to the ferocity of Under The God from David Bowie's Tin Machine project, Hunt Sales has made a career out of playing on classic recordings.  On January 25 he will explore new territory with his first solo record Get Your Shit Together .  Listen below to the Misplaced Straws Conversation with Hunt Sales: Press Play to listen  On finally releasing his first solo record - I didn't go looking for this record deal, it just one of those being in a certain place at a certain time and running into someone who says "hey, want to do some recording for us?". 1:38 On the sound of the new record - It sounds like something between an old Stax record and a Motorhead record. 5:30 On the personal nature of his writing - I write

The Verve Pipe, The Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun Casino 1/11/19

Based on their massive 1997 hit The Freshmen you could call The Verve Pipe a "one hit wonder"...but you would severely short change yourself.  The band that took the stage at Mohegan Sun's Wold Den Friday night was a modern, vibrant rock band that was so much more than one song. photo by: Jeff Gaudiosi Frontman Brian Vander Ark is the lone holdover from the band's original run and has now surrounded himself with a topnotch band that has put out two records (2014's Overboard and Parachute in 2017) and gelled into a tight live band.  In a conversation with Vander Ark prior to the show, he mentions that the road is mellower place these days free of the lofty expectations that come with being a band on the rise.  They concentrate just on raising the bar for their own live shows and it comes through as you watch them play. Photo by: Jeff Gaudiosi The night began with a 4-pack of memorable songs from the band's early records and immediately got

Every David Bowie Studio Record Ranked!

For me, everything I love in music begins with David Bowie. Over the course of 26 studio records he touched on nearly every type of music from folk to glam, new wave, dance, electronica, jazz, soul and straight up killer rock.  In honor of his birthday I'm sharing my rankings of each of his 26 records along with my take on each one.  As with any list, I'm sure there will be disagreements, but that is the beauty of a career as diverse as Bowie's...everyone takes something different from it and gravitates to different periods. I present the first Misplaced Straws Ranking...David Bowie. 1 - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (1972) Ok, no real surprise here.  Ziggy is one of the most influential records of all time and Bowie's real breakthrough record (although it only peaked at 75 on the Billboard chart).  Mick Ronson came into his own as a guitar hero and musical arranger as well as the perfect foil to Ziggy on stage.  Ziggy tells a l

A Conversation with Frank Mullen of Suffocation

Over the past 30 years legendary front man Frank Mullen has led death metal pioneers Suffocation on a brutal path.  Early in 2018 Frank announced he would be retiring from the band after one last "Farewell Frank Tour". That US tour came to an end in December and, in a exclusive conversation, Mullen looks back over his career with the band he started in 1988 and gives his exit interview. Please listen below to the exclusive Conversation with Frank Mullen:    Press Play for the Frank Mullen Exit Interview On his last NYC show with Suffocation - I came real close to tears, very emotional because having done this for 30 years pretty much and being from Long Island, seeing (the fans) one last time with this band I started 30 years ago was very emotional night. 1:20 On deciding to step away - I really felt that I was ok with everything I've accomplished with this band and I felt that I wanted the band to move forwar