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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Ceremony

The 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held on March 29, 2019 in Brooklyn, NY.  This was the 8th Induction we have attended.  It is our 4th in Brooklyn (2014,2016,2017, 2019)   in addition to 3 in Cleveland (2012,2015,2018) and 1 in LA (2013).  We have now seen a total of 68 bands/performers/people inducted into the Hall. The Ceremony itself has been evolving over the years in an attempt to to both present a compelling live experience and a television special that will bring viewers to the HBO broadcast.  This year saw a number of changes that made it a unique experience with a greater emphasis on the music as opposed to the speeches.  The large number of inductees (7 as opposed to the usual 5) as well as the continuation of inducting classic songs, a practice begun in 2018, and the return of the all-star jam made for a longer than average ceremony at 5 hours. Stevie Nicks One of the major differences in this ceremony was a definite emphasis on mu

Queensryche Concert Review/Michael Wilton Interview - Mohegan Sun Wolf Den 3/8/19

Few bands could survive what Queensryche has gone through over the past decade.  After starting with arguably one of the greatest six record runs to start their career ( Queensryche EP, The Warning, Rage For Order, Operation: Mindcrime, Empire, Promised Land ), the band had a period of turmoil and member changes before returning with a new lineup in 2013 and a new beginning to their storied career.  The next chapter began on March 1 with the release of their 15th full length record The Veridct .  Photo:Jeff Gaudiosi As their new tour headed into Mohegan Sun' Wolf Den in Connecticut I was fortunate enough to spend some time before the show with guitarist Michael Wilton and then see the band take the stage behind their great new record. Photo:Jeff Gaudiosi The band, made up of original members Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson, along with vocalist Todd La Torre, guitarist Parker Lundgren and touring drummer Casey Grillo, took the stage to a packed venue with Blood of

A Bowie Celebration - Palace Theater, Albany, NY March 6, 2019

MisplacedStraws is celebrating David Bowie all year long to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Space Oddity. This continued Wednesday night with A Bowie Celebration - The David Bowie Alumni Tour at the Palace Theater in Albany. NY.  As a lifelong Bowie fan there were some mixed feelings going into the night...Will they do the songs justice? What arrangements will they pick for each song? How will the vocals work?  As soon as the music started and the incomparable  voice of Bernard Fowler filled the room all fears fell aside and the next two hours were truly a magical celebration of the genius that is David Bowie. Prior to the show I was fortunate enough to sit with Bernard Fowler for a few minutes to talk about the tour.  Although he never had the opportunity to work with Bowie, Fowler did meet David a few times over the years (and recorded a cover of the Young Americans track Win). Bowie was known for  experimenting with different arrangements of his classics, when I asked

New Music Showcase: Rogers & Butler - Diana Dors

This segment of MisplacedStraws' New Music Showcase features a new project from two industry veterans.  The duo Rogers & Butler is made up of Edward Rogers and Steven Butler.  Edward, from New York via Birmingham, England, has an extensive solo career while New Jersey based Steven has made his mark with the band Smash Palace.  I recently had the opportunity to have a great conversation with both gentleman about their brilliant new EP Diana Dors , their influences and what's next for Rogers & Butler. Steven Butler & Edward Rogers Steven remembers how the two label mates really bonded over a shared love for English singer-songwriter Duncan Browne.  Soon a writing partnership developed which eventually led to recording the EP.  Musically the 4 songs are a glorious mix of styles that truly leave the listener wanting more.  It represents a reason to dig into the back catalogs of both men and discover some really great music. When asked about the inspirat