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A Conversation with Black Swan/Whitesnake/Winger Guitarist Reb Beach

Frontiers Records is at it again.  The Italian label is known for putting together all-star projects and its latest, Black Swan, easily ranks among the best.  Made up of powerhouse former MSG vocalist Robin McAuley, current Foreigner and ex-Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson, drummer Matt Starr of Mr. Big and Ace Frehley and guitarist extraordinaire Reb Beach of Winger and Whitesnake.  Reb recently took some time to talk about Black Swan's debut Shake the World as well as his other bands and even teases an upcoming solo record.  Please press PLAY below to hear the Conversation with Reb Beach: On how Black Swan came together - Jeff (Pilson) has done a few projects for Frontiers Records. He's a great producer and he's got a nice studio in LA. He was out with Foreigner and the president of Frontiers said "Hey let's do another project" and I was out on tour with Jeff and he said, "Why don't we use Reb?". So he asked me and I jum

A Conversation with Sons of Apollo Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto

Few bands have the pedigree of Sons of Apollo and even fewer can back it up with incredible records.  Made up of current and former members of Dream Theater, Guns N' Roses, David Lee Roth and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Sons of Apollo released their debut record, Psychotic Symphony in 2017 and are about to unleash their new collection MMXX .  Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto recently took some time to talk about the new release and so much more. Please press PLAY below to hear the MisplacedStraws Conversation with Jeff Scott Soto: On the new single "Desolate July" and the late David Z - I wanted to do something special for David as soon as I heard that, as soon as Derek played me that haunting piano piece it was very eerie and haunting I knew exactly where the lyric was taking me. I'm so glad the guys were all on board and allowed me, especially Mike (Portnoy), we both felt strongly that we wanted to do something for David. We did something on the Origami record (b

A Conversation with Revolution Saints Guitarist Doug Aldrich

We are in a time when most musicians have side projects in addition to their main band, unfortunately, most of those projects are short-lived.  That certainly isn't the case with Revolution Saints.  Made up of vocalist and drummer Deen Castronovo (Dead Daisies, ex-Journey), bassist Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and guitar player Doug Aldrich (Dead Daisies, Burning Rain, ex-Whitesnake, ex-Dio) Revolution Saints is about to release their third record Rise .  Doug Aldrich took some time to talk to me about the band and their new record. Please press PLAY below to listen to the Conversation with Doug Aldrich: On how Revolution Saints got together - Well we have been friends from touring together. Jack and Deen had known each other a long, long time from the Bay Area, I believe and I met Deen  I guess about  12 years ago when I was in Whitesnake, we toured together with Journey a lot and Deen and   I just hit it off. He's such a great guy and we got along