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A Conversation With Vocalist John Waite

Few musicians have a career quite like John Waite.  He first saw success as a member of The Babys, had huge hits with Bad English, and has topped the charts with his decade's long solo career.  While we're all home on quarantine I thought I would reach out and see if John would like to talk.  He was gracious enough to take a few minutes to fill all of us in on what he's up to. Please press the PLAY icon below for the MisplacedStraws Conversation with John Waite: On the possibility of a new record - Absolutely, I mean I'm always writing,  always thinking about music. Bits of lyrics, words you read in a book, some you might read on the headlines in the New York Times. I mean anything comes out, just out of the blue and could be in a dream. But I have stacks of notebooks in my room in my condo. It's just a case of finding that one song that cuts through the ice and makes it sort of like the flagship for the rest of the record .You need two songs to do it. You

New Music Showcase: Diane and The Gentle Men - The White Sea

There is a long line of amazing female singers and songwriters that have come out of New York City.  The latest is Diane Gentile, who, along with her band The Gentle Men, recently released their new record The White Sea . Featuring production from people like Steve Wynn of The Dream Syndicate and New York's own Jesse Malin, the record is a perfect 35-minute slice of rock n' roll life. Photo: Olivia Jaffe If you're a fan of Little Steven's Underground Garage station on SiriusXM then you may already be familiar with some of Gentile's work.  As she explained during our conversation (which you can hear below by pressing the PLAY icon), the songs that make up The White Sea were recorded in separate sessions over the past few years as finances allowed.  Even though the 10 songs were recorded separately and with different producers, there is a cohesiveness to Gentile's writing that ties it all together and gives the feel that tape was rolling over the course

A Conversation with Pattern-Seeking Animals Keyboardist John Boegehold

The ability to write a great song is a talent that not many people possess.  John Boegehold has made a career out of writing great, melodic progressive rock songs.  John made his name writing and collaborating with Spock's Beard, starting with 2003's Feel Euphoria, and now has combined with current and former members of that legendary band to form Pattern-Seeking Animals.  In PSA he not only writes but plays keyboards as well.  The band is about to release its second record, Prehensile Tales in May.  John recently took a few moments to talk about the upcoming record and look back on his career. Please press the PLAY icon below for my conversation with John Boegehold: On the origin of the new songs - T hey're all  fresh . I didn't start any of these until after the last one was turned in to the label . Like any writer,  I have some ideas around , like a riff here or a lyric thing here or there , which I built from . An