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A Conversation With Singer/SiriusXM DJ Tommy London

If you listen to Hair Nation or Ozzy's Boneyard on SiriusXM then you are no stranger to Tommy London.  In addition to his radio gigs, Tommy has also put out new music with a record coming in the fall.  Tommy took some time to talk about his new single, "Say Whoa", his SiriusXM shows, Lady Gaga and so much more. Please press the Play Icon below for the Conversation with Tommy London: On making a quarantine video for "Say Whoa" - I was trying to find a way, well how can I still be musically relevant during this time? What can I do to still be artistic? And I was talking to my girlfriend about a video idea and she was like "What if you film people during quarantine?, I said, "That's a great idea".  You know the hardest part was getting people motivated to do it because everyone is  in there pajamas and just hanging out at home and now you're telling them "Hey come on get excited for me!" And that was th

Conversations With Vinny & Carmine Appice

It's hard to believe that the world lost the great Ronnie James Dio.  Of the many tributes to mark the occasion, the most unique is the new lockdown video of "Monsters & Heroes" from the Appice brothers.  I had the chance to interview both Vinny and Carmine separately to talk about his track, Ronnie himself, and their amazing careers. There was a minor audio problem early in Carmine's call but it cleared up quickly. Press the PLAY icons below to hear the MisplacedStraws Conversations with Vinny and Carmine Appice:   Vinny Carmine On how "Monsters & Heroes" was created - Vinny - Watching the Internet and even on TV and seeing all these videos people are doing that I thought that's pretty cool, that's a good idea to do this and how can we do it?  And then I thought Well Ronnie's anniversary was coming up 10 years and we have a song called "Monsters and Heroes" that's about Ronnie so that's even better. So I

A Conversation With Havok Singer/Guitarist David Sanchez

For fans of old school thrash with a modern edge, it doesn't get any better than Havok.  The band just released its new record,  V,  and are seeing some of the best reviews of their career.  I had the chance to talk to founding member David Sanchez on the album's release day to talk about V and so much more. Please press the PLAY icon below for the MisplacedStraws Conversation with David Sanchez. On writing the new record - Some of the riffs were written on the road, Typically we don't really write full songs on the road. There's just so much going on on tour, it's really hard to find the time or the space or the desire to sit down and put headphones on and just totally tune out and start arranging whole songs. Maybe that would be easier if we didn't tour in vans so often. A lot of the riffs were written on tour but we largely did the arrangements and really like got into the writing probably in late January or early February of 2019. And we had about