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A Conversation With Paul Weller

Few people can boast of the career Paul Weller has created.  Starting with the groundbreaking mod/punk sounds of The Jam into the soulful pop of The Style Council through to a decades-long solo career, when it comes to reinvention, Paul Weller is second only to David Bowie.  He is about to release a new record, On Sunset  on July 3  and took some time to talk about his incredible career. Please press the PLAY icon below to hear the MisplacedStraws Conversation with Paul Weller: On whether he had a specific sound in mind for On Sunset  - I think in sort of vague kind of notions.  I wanted it to be quite soulful sounding then but at the same time, I wanted to have an electronic edge in places as well.  And then just to show that we can play to our capabilities, beyond our capabilities...I think everyone was on top of their game, that's what I think because we've all played together as a band for such a long time. 1:05 On the need to change and reinvent his sound - I

A Conversation with Drills/Bon Jovi Guitarist Phil X

Replacing a legend is never easy, replacing two is impossible but that's exactly what Phil X has done.  He took over for Rik Emmet in Triumph and Richie Sambora in Bon Jovi but still continues to make his own music with his band Phil X & The Drills.  The latter band just released a new track called "Right On The Money" and Phil took some time to talk about it and so much more. Please press the PLAY icon below for the MisplacedStraws Conversation with Phil X: On how "Right On The Money" was recorded - T he whole  "Right  On  The  Money"  track came together with Chris Lord-A lge calling me , asking to take  The Drills  into Capitol Records studio in Hollywood to tape his  Master  Class on cutting a band live off the floor . He mixed S tupid  Good  Lookings, Vol.  One . We started hanging out,  we met many times because he had mixed a lot of records that I played on , like Daughtry and Ke