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An EXCLUSIVE Conversation with T. Rex Drummer Bill Legend

 Every year there is a long list of bands snubbed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  The kings of Glam Rock can now be removed from that list.  On November 7, 2020, T. Rex will be finally be inducted into the Rock Hall.  Of the four members chosen for induction, Marc Bolan (guitar, vocals), Steve Currie (bass), Mickey Finn (percussion), and Bill Legend (drums) only Legend survives and recently took some time to give an exclusive to MisplacedStraws about his time in this iconic and influential band. Please press the PLAY icon below to hear the Conversation with Bill Legend: On meeting Tony Visconti and joining T. Rex - I've been playing (drums) since I was, like, 12. And I was in the middle of an apprenticeship in commercial art in London but I've always been playing in bands, they kinda went side by side, the music, and the art. There was a local band I played for when I just married and I was introduced to (the band) Legend and we did gigs all over the U

A Conversation with Black Stone Cherry Bassist Jon Lawhon

 Kentucky's own Black Stone Cherry is about to release their 7th full-length record called The Human Condition .  This record could arguably be the best work the band has done and is sure to find its way to many year-end "best of" lists.  Bassist Jon Lawhon took some time to talk about the record, their upcoming live stream, and much more! Please press the PLAY icon below for the MisplacedStraws conversation with Jon Lawhon: On whether the Black to Blues Eps serve as inspiration or a palete  cleanser - Honestly, a little bit of both. Because the blues covers that we do, I mean, while Family Tree was a little bit more lined up with that kind of stuff, you have to kind of look at the lineage of it. We did the Kentucky record, which is the first self-produced album that we did, it had a whole lot of that roots-rock stuff in it, but it still had that little bit of, like, a metal edge hard rock front. Then we did the blues ep and when we did that it really just rejuvenated o

A Conversation with Ex-Blue Oyster Cult Drummer Albert Bouchard

 Blue Oyster Cult is one of the biggest bands of the classic rock era.  The driving force behind their classic era was drummer Albert Bouchard.  On November 6, Albert will release his long-awaited record Re-Imaginos. As the title suggests, the record is a reimagining of the classic 1988 BOC record Imaginos .  Albert recently took some time to talk not only about the history of this project but the history of the band as well. Please press the PLAY icon below to hear the MisplacedStraws Conversation with Albert Bouchard: On if Re-Imaginos is closer to his original vision than Imaginos was -  Yes, yes, very much so. As a matter of fact, it's not only is closer to what I envisioned for that record, but it's also closer to what Sandy Pearlman envisioned for that record. 3:36 On Sandy Pearlman's role in the origin of Blue Oyster Cult - I first was aware of Sandy when I was in college, and I was reading this magazine called Crawdaddy and it was the very first magazine devoted t

A Conversation with Former Jethro Tull Guitarist Martin Barre

 No discussion of great classic rock bands is complete without Jethro Tull.  A big reason why is the sublime guitar of the legendary Martin Barre.  As the band celebrates its 50th Anniversary, Martin has released a record called 50 Years of Jethro Tull which sees him rearrange and rerecord some of the big hits and deep cuts from throughout the band's history.  Martin recently took some time to talk about the anniversary and this release. Please press the PLAY icon to hear the MisplacedStraws Conversation with Martin Barre: On joining Jethro Tull - I definitely didn't have any inspirations as to where we would go. But it was an amazing event for me because I was a blues guitar player and I played blues flute. So when I heard about Jethro Tull and then eventually went to see them play, it was my dream gig. It was everything I'd ever wanted in music. So to join the band a few months later after I saw them was really incredible. I think if hadn't lasted a year and finished

A Conversation with Trixter/Ra Bassist PJ Farley

 Few musicians have had a 30-year career like PJ Farley.  Beginning with the 80's-style rock of Trixter into the modern rock sounds of Ra, PJ has combined the best of both into his second solo record Accent The Change .  I recently caught up with PJ to talk about his solo career and get updates on both of his other projects. Please press the PLAY icon below for the MisplacedStraws Conversation with PJ Farley: On making a solo record after so many years in a band - I just had the first record, which is a collection of songs that I had written and recorded throughout a bunch of years. I felt that once we got done doing the Trixter Human Era record I realized there's a place for these songs now. Because when I recorded those songs there was no YouTube or cloud or anything like that and I did not want to take those songs and try battling with record labels and trying to get a record deal. I just didn't have that fight in me. That's not why I did those songs and I didn'

A Conversation With Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club Drummer Chris Frantz

Few bands are as iconic as Talking Heads.  A band formed in art school, they combined a visual and artistic sensibility with NYC rock n' roll to make a sound that was totally unique.  Drummer Chris Frantz, who along with wife and bassist Tina Weymouth, not only was a driving force behind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted band but also led Tom Tom Club through a number of hits.  He has now published his autobiography, Remain In Love , and took some time to talk about it. Please press the PLAY icon below for the MisplacedStraws conversation with Chris Frantz: On why now was the right time for a book - I've grown to be a certain age.  I felt like if I'm going to... Well, I felt like I should be writing a book for quite a few years,  maybe 10 years or so.  I actually took a couple of stabs at it, but I didn't really get the ball rolling until a few years ago, and II just felt like if I'm gonna do it, now is the time. There were things about my life and my life w